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About Us

About Us Feby Cable


With the difference of Feby Cable

Feby Cable, through the experience obtained in the sector and the high quality products offered to its customers since 2003, succeeded to be a reputable and reliable brand both in domestic and foreign markets.

Feby Cable About Us



To be a company that comes to mind when it comes to quality and safe product


Departing from the philosophy that “OUR QUALITY IS YOUR GUARANTEE” based on the relaibility and quality consciousness that we own, to provide our customers with a near-perfect service, meanwhile to protect environment to leave more green and safe world for next generations.


Customer Satisfaction

A parmanent and fast customer management system comes with customer visits.

Thanks to the ERP system, most of the documents delivered to the customer are created error-free and as soon as possible.


Product Satisfaction

Our products are approved by TSE, ISO 9001 certificates. For this reason, all possible problems that my occur in the products are resolved as soon as they are deterkmined. Feby Cable continues to be used safely all over the world.


Product Guarantee

In Case of any problem experienced during production, the production is repeated and the faulty product is not sent to the customer.

According to the delivery conditions agreed with the customer, everything is taken into consideration at the delivery stage, down to the smallest detail.


About Us Feby Cable
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